How To Boost Your Child's Immune System The Right Way

There are no magic pills that will guarantee that you or your children won’t get sick (if you know of one, please let me know ASAP so I can invest in the company). Urging your pediatrician to write a prescription for an antibiotic whenever your child has a cold, flu or sore throat is a bad idea. See our article on Vitamin Supplements to read more about it. But there are healthy habits you can adopt that will give your childs immune system a boost. Vitamin A helps keep the skin, respiratory system, and tissues in your mouth, stomach, and intestines healthy (sweet potatoes, carrots, kale, spinach, and apricots). Teach proper hand-washing. Cole was named one of the top 50 functional medicine and integrative doctors in the nation and is the best selling author of Ketotarian and The Inflammation Spectrum. Secondhand smoke increases a childs risk of SIDS and ear and respiratory infections, such as pneumonia and asthma.

Growing your own herbs is an easy and affordable way to have a year-round supply.

Sleep requirements for each night vary by age: If you think that your child has a serious problem regarding their immune system, talk to your pediatrician. Secondhand smoke increases a child's risk of SIDS, bronchitis, ear infections, and asthma. Under standard circumstances, it is not necessary to use such medication, but with children who get sick frequently, this may present a suitable solution. Optimal levels have been shown to improve symptoms of these conditions by helping increase white blood cells, which are the defenders of your immune system. Also can make raw onion poultices to help draw out infection- amazing for ear infections!

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In order to give your kids the best chance at a good night’s sleep, cut screen time at least 30 minutes before bedtime and don’t allow TVs, tablets, or smartphones in their rooms. The most frequent illness of childhood is the common cold, and children — especially those in daycare — can get several of these infections per year. As your baby starts to reach for toys, the microbes can even differ between his two hands. Below are six suggestions that may help boost a child's natural defences: Occillococcinum, Influenzinum, Muco Coccinum or other preventative homeopathic flu preparations often work great. Know your HMOs.

Some small studies have found omega-3 may also be beneficial for fighting infection in children. These fun and easy immune-boosters, like eucalyptus and oregano, have been shown to have antibacterial and immune-modulating capabilities. But fermenting vegetables can also enhance the nutrient status of the food. Otherwise, focus on the simple things — like hand-washing, good nutrition, and quality sleep. Discuss with your family doctor,” he says. So prolonged sickness can affect the quality of life for the whole family, even if the infections are minor.

Fruits have antioxidants, roughage, and many hidden benefits. The fibre also helps in cleaning the intestines and to avoid constipation. Make sure your kids wash their hands often and with soap.

  • You can also try these Blueberry Oat Breakfast Bars, Berry Coconut Steel Cut Oats, or Apple Cinnamon Baked Oatmeal Cups.
  • Summer, kids, and sugar seem to be an unavoidable combination, between pool parties, BBQs, and summer camps.
  • After all, a family that eats together, stays together!

Choose a Variety of Fruits and Vegetables

A little bit goes a long way with fermented food, and you want to give your child time to adjust their palate to the taste. Doctors focused on natural health sometimes recommend alternatives such as colloidal silver over antibiotics, to boost immunity without depleting the microbiome. If your child is sick, avoid dairy products, which contribute to inflammation and mucus build-up. Focus on plenty of fresh veggies, whole fruits, nuts, seeds, legumes, eggs, and meat.

There are now around a serious amount of other children and a lot of other germs.

For spices, garlic, ginger and turmeric are some of my top picks. Yoghurt is full of probiotics, the good bacteria that fights and stops colonisation of bad bacteria in the stomach and is a great immune booster for kids. Hand washing is the simplest and one of the most effective ways to keep from getting colds or giving them to others. The typical dosage is one vial once per week during the flu season. If your child has a cold, stomachache, virus or other mild infections, try to give them time to resolve on their own.

Check out this template for the perfect green smoothie.
  • Making sure they have plenty of time to unwind, as well as relaxation exercises such as deep breathing, which can help them decompress, are critical for keeping the immune functioning properly.
  • Try to manage at least 2-3 liters liquid consumption every day by including soups, milk, juices, coconut water, buttermilk, lemonade etc besides water.

Not Sure What To Cook?

Although your child can’t get a virus twice, it can spread on toothbrushes and infect other members of the family. If their child isn’t improving within 24-48 hours of using a natural approach. Treatment with antibiotics also perpetuates the situation of antibiotic resistance which is of increasing concern. However, the CDC estimates that at least 30 percent of antibiotic prescriptions are unnecessary.

Different types of mushrooms have varying antibacterial, antiviral and anti-tumour effects. Throughout, she emphasizes food that is fresh and full of immune-boosting nutrients, like vitamin A, beta-carotene, B-complex, iron and zinc. That support comes from their families, their teachers – and from their immune systems! Throughout the pre-school years, your child’s microbes will continue to change and look a lot like those of his other family members. Colostrum, the thin yellow premilk that flows from breasts during the first several days after birth, is especially rich in disease-fighting antibodies, says Dr. For example, making fruit/vegetable breads like this pumpkin bread or a smoothie (try our carrot cake smoothie) can be really helpful. “A balanced diet packed with veggies and fruit, regular physical activity, sufficient sleep and being on top of their vaccinations,” he says.

Most people argue that the immunity provided by vaccines is not long-term, permanent or similar to natural immunity. Learn how to keep your kids healthy at school and more tips to battle cold and flu viruses. Phytochemicals may increase the bodys production of infection-fighting white blood cells and interferon, an anti-body that coats cell surfaces, blocking out viruses.


Bioflavonoids: They have long been used to replace intestinal flora after using anti-biotics as treatment for infections, but now research shows that they can be taken as a supplement to aid in immunity. While we make a more concerted effort with our kids, we sometimes fall short. Add a few drops of Eucalyptus, Mint, Sage or Thyme essential oil to the bowl, place your head over the bowl and cover head& bowl with a towel. Walnuts, Eggs, Flaxseed, Canola oil, Pumpkin Seeds, and High Quality Fish Oil. Make sure he gets at least 60 minutes of activity each day at the park, the playground or an indoor play space on brisk days. Lastly, strengthening ones immunity goes hand in hand with a healthy lifestyle and diet.

Not all children will contract that GI bug. (4) Garlic Stimulation! But the best way for you to supercharge your child’s immunity is using plenty of nutrient-dense wholefoods.

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In the early months of life, a mother helps her child fight infection by passing her resistance on in breast milk. While there's a lot you can do to keep germs from wreaking havoc on your baby’s immune system, one of the best-kept secrets in preventing illness and boosting the immune system can be found in the gut – or, more specifically, the gut microbiome. For a fun treat, try this Healthy Instant Strawberry Banana Frozen Yogurt (pictured above). This is an understandable, useful guide for parents who want to instill healthy habits in their children-with the side benefit of boosting their immune systems. “Kids require more sleep than adults, so the best thing you can do for them is ensure they get enough sleep and their sleeping pattern is consistent, as it’s better for their body clock and overall health,” Dr Best says.

Juice made from the its leaves helps improve digestion and regulates intestinal microflora as well. Also, if your child is planning to travel internationally, it’s important to seek advice from his or her doctor about any needed vaccinations. Reach for colorful fruits and vegetables when packing lunchboxes or making after-school snacks, and make sure your child meets the recommended daily amounts for these nutrients: Stress has been shown to lower the number and effectiveness of natural infection-fighting cells. You can easily learn to massage your baby or child. An infant may need up to 16 hours of crib time a day, toddlers require 11 to 14 hours, and preschoolers need 10 to 13 hours. Vaccines work by exposing the body to either a portion of the pathogen or a weakened version of it, promoting a specific immune response that is also active against the actual virus or bacteria. Here are six easy and simple things that can help:

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Greens are immunity boosting foods that help in DNA repair as well. But there are three major causes that I see popping up frequently. During the first few months of life, your baby’s microbiome will have only a few types of microbial species. Slowly, children prime their immunity by battling an ongoing series of germs, viruses and other organisms which is why many pediatricians consider six to eight colds, bouts of flu, or ear infections per year normal. Vitamin D doesn’t seem to do much, either.

ADD THESE 8 FOODS TO YOUR FAMILY’S MENU PLAN TO HELP WARD OFF SICKNESS THIS WINTER! It’s inevitable when you have young kids–especially when one or more are in school! Studies have shown that breastfeeding provides crucial support for a child's immune system. Studies show that a diet rich in phytonutrients can also protect against such chronic diseases as cancer and heart disease in adulthood. You want to choose a probiotic with Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium. Try adding it to spaghetti/pizza sauces, butter, noodles, etc. Look for it in:

  • Instead of letting them become overtired, make sure they have at least an hour to decompress without the use of electronics before bed, and get them to bed early enough to get a good night’s sleep.
  • Oscillococcinum is a homeopathic flu remedy that may also help to prevent influenza infection.
  • Lifetime immunity is important since these diseases can have serious negative effects if acquired as an adult.

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Drink lots of water and stay well hydrated. Each child is different and will respond different to different herbs and it is important to respect and honor that. Try to integrate these vitamins and nutrients into your family’s diet: Lend your child’s immune system a hand and stop germs from spreading in the first place! Make sure all electronic devices are unplugged or better yet, just keep them in another room. Sea buckthorn contains vitamins A, C, D, F, K and vitamins B which contributes to resistance to infections.

I’ve included all of my best tips for boosting your child’s intake of wholefoods in my free ebook, Essential Wholefoods For Kids. Fresh air is free – nature is our best remedy. When to refer a fever: For something different, try this Breakfast Macaroni and Cheese with eggs!