Types of Morning Tea to Boost your Immune System

To produce green tea however, leaves are heated gently which stops them turning brown and prevents oxidation.

In addition to being delicious, some herbal teas have health-promoting properties. While more research is needed to confirm these effects, preliminary evidence suggests that chamomile tea may offer a range of health benefits. Derived from the leaves and flowers of oregano, which you would use in your cooking, oregano oil comes in tincture and extract form to help boost your immune system. Why does your body temperature rise when you have a virus such as the flu? This is no time to bombard your body with processed foods, inflammatory omega-6 oils (soybean oil, corn oil, etc), fried foods, high-fructose corn syrup, refined sugars or chemical additives. While there are many different herbs that are good for boosting your immune system, I’m going to talk about five of my favorites here.

These activities aren't very strenuous, so they won't force my body to do a lot of recovery.

Bukowski, a researcher at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston and Harvard Medical School. However, keep in mind that it's tough to get enough vitamin D in the winter from food sources alone. Each month, we match tea drinkers across the U. Youtube, inflammation and Psoriasis:. Some studies found that drinking Green tea will help to accelerate fitness recovery fast than usual.

A recent study in the European Journal of Nutrition showed that daily 1000 mg oral supplementation of glutathione was found to increase glutathione levels in the blood and boost immune strength. Earlier work revealed that tea contains flavonoids, potent antioxidants that can help protect the body from damaging chemical intermediates called free radicals. A study in 2020 done at the University of Illinois showed that soluble fiber helps to strengthen the immune system by changing the “personalities” of immune cells.

Finally, another small study found that lemon balm tea reduced the frequency of heart palpitations and anxiety ( 54 ).

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It's flavor gives this blend it's smooth and refreshing taste. 8It’s a great remedy to have when you have the flu, as in lemon and ginger tea or in a chew like the Ginger People chews. You can use it to dress salads, dunk rice (Ochazuke), include it in your smoothie or even use it to prepare marinade. Get your flu shot. How to make Immunity Tea?

It is important to start building up your immune system before a cold or flu settles in. Seaweed is rich in minerals and trace minerals like iodine and selenium, which are crucial for healthy thyroid function. To make the tea, bring 1-2 tablespoons of the tea blend mixture per cup of water to a boil, then simmer for up to ½ hour or more. Nevertheless, it’s also a season when all festivities might come into a second plan if you end up with a bad cold or a flu.

Incorporating white tea into our habitual morning rituals is a great way to reinforce your immune system and begin your day. While raw it is very healthy for you, cabbage is even better for your immune system and digestive tract when it’s fermented in the form of sauerkraut or kimchi. Antioxidants work to prevent the body’s version of rust and thus help to keep us young and protect us from damage from pollution. Likewise, a few studies have found that chamomile ointments may help with eczema and mild inflammatory skin conditions, although they are not as effective as hydrocortisone cream. For a stronger immunity: natural ways to boost the immune system. So, how does green tea help to improve your immune system? The study showed that those people who drank five to six small cups (about 20 fluid ounces) of black tea per day were better equipped to prevent infection. As the name suggests, this particular tea contains dried orange and lemon peel which is usually included alongside ingredients such as lemongrass, lemon verbena, liquorice root and rosehip.

How can you bolster your defenses against the germs lurking in the common areas in your office, the mall where you do your holiday shopping and the rest stops you encounter in your holiday travels?


The delicately tangy taste of echinacea blends with fruity elderberry and aromatic basil. That isn’t to say, however, that there isn’t great potential. Arterial stiffness is considered a risk factor for heart disease, stroke and mental decline ( 48 ). You can find astragalus in all kinds of extracts and tinctures, but Deep Immune by St. You can make your own ginger tea by grating fresh ginger and steeping it in hot water with some lemon. One study showed that children who took coconut oil recovered from pneumonia much faster than those who did not, and also had reduced fevers, clearer breathing, and normal blood oxygenation.

The herb is a strong anti-inflammatory, which means it slows painful, unproductive swelling that can occur during a bout of flu.


It does have a bit of a bitter taste, but works well when combined with other, better tasting herbs. Drink gyokuro. They can help to reduce inflammation and contain a number of nutrients to help your body get through cold and flu season like manganese, copper, and folate. To maximize the benefits of vitamin C and glutathione, foods are best eaten in the “raw” form. Try one of our favorite elderberry teas: Chamomile promotes the production of white blood cells (macrophages and B-lymphocytes) in your body. A great way to supercharge pasta sauces and other winter dishes. In one study, hot chicken soup was more effective than hot or cold water at making noses run-a good thing since nasal secretions help rid the body of pathogenic viruses and bacteria.

Now, we’ve already mentioned that the antioxidants in Tea might support the immune system. Echinacea tea is commonly used to prevent or shorten the duration of the common cold. Rooibos is a herb from South Africa that has numerous health benefits. If our immune system is not strong enough we can be open to a variety of symptoms including, fatigue, muscle weakness, infection, tissue inflammation and much more. Just as you wash your hands to keep germs at bay, you need to eat healthful foods and drink beverages that aid digestion as they quench your thirst. However, aside from foreign, invasive threats, the immune system also responds to internal attacks such as those from tumour cells. But she said the work needs to be confirmed in a much larger study, involving more people.

Our first category is vegetables. Note that sunscreens block the ability of your body to produce vitamin D. Whether you're fighting off a pesky bug or just want to keep your immune system in tip-top shape, these teas contain soothing herbals which are traditional remedies for keeping your body strong.

What is in our Immune Tea that helps boost the immune system?

Peppermint is a natural decongestant and antispasmodic. And with that, my fever was gone too. As the winds take a turn to a chillier side, your bodies become vulnerable to ailments like cold, cough, flu and gastroenteritis. Ways to boost your immune response and fight disease, dry skin brushing and ginger body scrubbing is great for cleansing the lymphatic system and strengthening the immune system. The link was especially strong among habitual tea drinkers — those who enjoyed the beverage at least three times a week. When you mix those five together you get a powerful, but still tasty, immune boosting herbal tea blend.

  • The sooner you stop a cold in its track – or better yet, prevent it from starting – the better.
  • Passionflower tea seems to be a good choice when it comes to relieving anxiety and promoting calmness.
  • Essentially, adaptogens are therapeutic herbs that support the body in combating and adapting to stress.
  • If you boil this tea you will kill some of the nutrients.
  • When you are suffering from a scratchy sore throat, nothing is more soothing than a hot cup of Organic Throat Clarity.
  • For most people, chamomile tea is safe to try as a supplement to other treatments, but it should not replace mainstream medical treatments when people have serious illnesses.


Holy basil or tulsi tea has been used by Ayurvedic practitioners for centuries to help keep the immune system strong after injuries or illnesses thanks to its antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. If they fail to find an electron then free radicals start to interact with other healthy cells (including our immune cells) as they search for something else to pair with. The teas I have mentioned below are usually drunk hot and preferably in the mornings. Cannabis can both suppress and strengthen the immune system, we know that patients that suffer from autoimmune conditions, like rheumatoid arthritis, frequently use cannabis as adjuvant therapy. Whether you need a heavy caffeine fix or a hint of flavour, there is always a type of tea available. Plus, many teas help you relax and get to sleep, which is a key component to feeling better. Of course they are an absolute ‘must have’ in our immunity tea. Green tea also been shown to promote healthy blood flow, which can help with memory and focus, as well as help prevent illness.

Powerhouse Benefits

Evidence also shows that peppermint oil is effective at relaxing spasms in the intestines, esophagus and colon ( 12 , 13 , 14 , 15 ). 9 foods to defy flu and the cold, and boost your immune system. It is not until recently that the western world has discovered green tea and is reaping a lot of health benefits from it. They found improvements in both calmness and memory ( 51 , 52 ). Click here for other natural flu treatments and remedies. In addition to being super high in antioxidants, moringa is naturally detoxifying, which helps you to stay healthy. But since then, I have relied more and more on making my own herbal concoctions, based on how I am feeling at the time. Also called sambucus, elderberry is antifungal, antibacterial, and antimicrobial, so it’s good at knocking out any kind of crud you’ve got going on.

Green tea seemed to have a stronger effect than black tea. In addition, consumption of Green tea also reduces the risks of high blood pressure, stroke, osteoporosis, Type 2 Diabetes, liver disease, viral diseases and bacterial infections. Try one of our favorite echinacea teas: Just add all the ingredients to a mug, stir, let cool and enjoy! Try the herbal tea Ginkgo Biloba, which helps with cognitive function, memory, mood, energy, and circulation – all functions you need to really hone in on your financial goals in 2020. Eating foods rich in immune-boosting nutrients is essential to supporting your overall health. Together, these ingredients provide a powerhouse supplement to boost and improve your immunity! Though the research team is not yet certain what compounds in honeysuckle encourage such effects, it is clear that adding some honeysuckle tea to your regular diet isn’t bad, especially during cold and flu season.

It’s thought to stimulate the immune system and boost the efficacy of white blood cells, though studies are inconclusive. 7 signs you have a weak immune system, deficiencies caused by infection Damage to lymphocytes that is inflicted by viruses is common but usually transient. If you're new to this deluxe tea from Japan, brew carefully for 1 minute, taste, then continue brewing an additional minute for more depth of flavor. While green tea does not block the UV rays, it reduces the effects of free radicals and prevents inflammation caused by extensive exposure to sunrays.

Furthermore, Lemon and Ginger Tea might also inhibit mucous protection and help clear up congestion.

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However, dandelion is a strong diuretic—it makes you need to urinate—and it may impact other medications, so you should talk to your doctor before drinking it regularly. Your adrenal system is intricately linked with your immune system. In addition to these powerful mushrooms, Immune 7 also contains Nutricol, which is Purica’s own blend of super-strength antioxidants. How does stress weaken the immune system?, “We are thus trying to elucidate the causal chain through which stress influences the cellular immune system and compromises the body’s response to infection,” says Sommershof, who has found out that the socially stressed mice had malfunctioning T lymphocytes. Licorice tea can also help fight the effects of congestion, which is especially great if you’re experiencing a cough. Some of the most popular herbal teas include: Ginger has so many health benefits including improving stomach aches, reducing inflammation, improving circulation as well as preventing colds.

Kefir is a cultured/fermented dairy drink that's been used for thousands of years as a health elixir.
  • Whether you're looking to up energy levels or alleviate sleep issues naturally, tea can be used to solve a host of health issues, and addressing the common cold is definitely on the list.
  • Garlic is one of the most potent of all superfoods!
  • A few studies have found it to be effective, though a large review study found that it did not have a significant effect on blood lipid levels ( 29 ).
  • A great tea for so many issues, from digestion to reducing inflammation and easing pain, ginger is definitely one tea that you should have in your arsenal.
  • Licoriceis good for so many ailments, and one amazing power it has is to boost the adrenals and support the stress response.
  • Bring the water to a bare simmer and immediately reduce it to the lowest heat setting possible on your burner.
  • Hard training forces the body to do a lot of recovery at a time when your body needs all of its energy to try and fight off the oncoming sickness.

Immune Boosting Herbal Tea

My favourite ways to do this is through immune-boosting herbs like echinacea, olive leaf, elderberry, rose hips, and hibiscus. It’s really simple! This tea is naturally caffeine free, and contains peppermint, ginger, chamomile, and cloves. Also, another study found that drinking six cups of rooibos tea daily for six weeks lowered blood levels of “bad” LDL cholesterol and fat, while increasing “good” HDL cholesterol ( 39 ).

However, this tea has also been proven to help boost people’s immunity. It’s full of antioxidants and has both anti-fungal and antibacterial properties, which means that it helps kill germs like a boss! In fact, herbal teas have been used as natural remedies for a variety of ailments for hundreds of years. Weak immune system in cats, other effects include an increase in immune cells’ ability to phagocytize or engulf and destroy invaders as well as the tumor cell killing ability of their natural killer cells. What is the best chamomile tea brand? It’s a powerful agent in helping ward off and dispel nausea due to its ability to help break up and dispel intestinal gas or other disruptions.

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Kefir (a yogurt-like beverage) is also a good bet. A number of studies found improvements in mood, mental function and memory in healthy adults after they took one of several different types of sage extract ( 40 , 43 , 44 , 45 ). It’s a bitter, but effective infusion of lichen found in northern countries. After completing an honours degree at the University of Guelph in Applied Human Nutrition, Dr. What does the liver do? functions, structures, regeneration, diseases, the most common diseases of the lymphatic system are enlargement of the lymph nodes (also known as lymphadenopathy), swelling due to lymph node blockage (also known as lymphedema) and cancers involving the lymphatic system, according to Dr. In the study, Bukowski and his co-authors isolated from ordinary black tea a substance called L-theanine. Green tea originates from China, where the leaves are processed with heat using a pan-firing or roasting method and Japan, where the leaves are more commonly steamed.

It’s a treat to drink when the winter sickies come on! Their chamomile tea is lovely and soothing, plus it has a fairly mild flavour so those of you who haven’t been keen on herbal teas before, this could be the one to try! Here is a list of 10 healthy herbal teas you’ll want to try. And it all started with a walk. Sign up for Free Japanese Green Tea Club and get this great informative manual on brewing green tea. Exercise for your immunity: training right vs training wrong, * Eat a well balanced diet to keep vitamin and mineral levels in the body at optimal levels. The subtle sweetness of honeysuckle should be enough to convince you to sip on honeysuckle tea, but the small orange flower has plenty benefits besides delicious flavor. Since the majority of Americans don't get enough vitamin D, most experts recommend a D supplement. Your body does not produce vitamin C on its own, so be sure to stock up on vitamin C by enjoying the fruits and vegetables—like citrus fruits—which are rich in this immune-boosting vitamin!

As a result, these two catechins alter the functions of bacteria and viruses by disrupting their cytoplasmic membrane making them vulnerable to antibiotics. We also have a second defense in the form of adaptive immunity. Not only is a cold or flu a nuisance, interrupting your daily life and routines and making you feel awful, but it’s also a sign of an immune system in need. Well, you can start by branching out from your comfort zone with teas! The leaves, in particular, are the component used for brewing, which produces a distinctly smooth, fresh flavour.


This can involve various components including white blood cells (also known as leukocytes), phagocytes and lymphocytes to name but a few. These toxic "treats" force your body to do extra work to expel all this junk and repair the internal inflammation that they cause in your body. Elderberry, hibiscus, and rooibos are powerful ingredients in this tea that are all known for helping boost the immune system. When you do pour yourself a cup of black tea, you benefit from flavonoids that combat inflammation and support healthy immune function.

If you’re not a fan of raw broccoli, try making a fresh broccoli salad with shredded cheese and other veggies tossed in a vinaigrette dressing, or go for a Thai- or Chinese- inspired broccoli slaw to advance your immune health.

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I love the spicy bite that it gives, and I believe it is part of why I rarely get sick. Echinacea extract: Menthol in peppermint tea works as a decongestant and may offer relief from cough. Mushrooms have long been known to promote a healthy immune system. There are many evidences to support the anticancer effects of green tea.

Some studies suggest that chamomile tea may target cancer cells, or even prevent those cells from developing in the first place. To prepare, steep 1-2 tablespoons of the dry tea in 8 to 12 ounces of boiling water. Stock your cupboards and enjoy these in sickness and in health! Yet another research project of 700 participants saw each test subject consume the herb daily for four months. Facts (and myths) about boosting your immune system, it’s not that vitamin C isn’t crucial to immune function (and other things, such as bone structure). It contains herbs that are full of Vitamin C, which is essential for building up a strong immune system to fight off all the germs floating around. Plus, licorice has been shown to enhance immunity more directly by boosting immune system chemicals that help ward off viruses.

Hear all about Deep Immune and its benefits on this radio podcast: A tincture is the best way to take it, she says, but teas won’t fail you either (especially since you’ll be hydrating your system in the meantime). This one is a multi-tasker because it also heals stomach ailments; ginger and cinnamon are particularly helpful in alleviating the symptoms of a bad stomach. Because of the variety of flavors that are expressed, and its versatility with sugar and milk, it’s a great substitute for alcoholic drinks. Evidence also suggests that ginger may help prevent stomach ulcers and relieve indigestion or constipation ( 20 ). This nourishing Thai soup is a great way to heal the gut and a cold at the same time. If you continue without changing your settings, we’ll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on this website. Our naturopathically formulated herbal immunity tea is a healthy, restorative blend, ideal for people looking to fortify and boosting their immune system and general well-being.